The most reliable and convenient auxiliary power unit on the market for semi trucks.

Authorized Distributor & Service Center for Green APU

Green APU can save up to 70% by burning only approximately 1/4 gallons of fuel per hour. The savings are huge and will allow more idle time at much less cost this year.

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We service all Trucks & Trailers, including Trailer Refrigeration Units

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Laser Alignment & Wheel Balancing

Utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostics and wheel repair equipment, we perform alignment corrections and repairs on all three axles of your semi-truck, ensuring accurate tire alignment.

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Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Regularly changing the oil and oil filters is among the most straightforward and economical methods to prolong the lifespan of your semi-truck.

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Computer Diagnostics

If your truck is experiencing issues, the initial step is to conduct diagnostics to identify and promptly address the problem. While truck computer diagnostics can be intricate, our team possesses the expertise and knowledge to assist you, ensuring your truck is efficiently back on the road.

We service all Trucks & Trailers, including Trailer Refrigeration Units

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Semi-Truck Fleet Repair

We excel in providing high-quality repair and services for semi-truck fleets. Our dedicated team of expert technicians is devoted to maintaining your fleet in optimal condition.

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Air Brake System Repair

Our range of services encompasses maintenance and brake repair for a diverse array of semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks. Utilizing state-of-the-art specialized tools, we ensure the utmost levels of quality and safety.

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A/C System Repair

We offer troubleshooting and maintenance services for air conditioning, employing the latest in advanced diagnostics and professional tools to ensure optimal performance.

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Suspension Repair & Maintenance

We efficiently handle both minor and major repairs and servicing for semi-truck suspensions, prioritizing speed and offering competitive pricing.

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Diesel Engine Repair

Having encountered and addressed nearly every issue with semi-truck engines, we assure you that once a solution is identified, we will promptly diagnose and rectify it.

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Clutches Adjustment

Regular maintenance and replacement of clutches are essential. We offer services for the repair and maintenance of differentials in semi-trucks and large vehicles.

More Services

DOT Annual State Inspections • Valve Adjustment • Wheel Seals • Brakes • Welding & Fabrication • RV (Diesel engines)


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